Photographing Baby's First Year

Don't miss those fleeting moments! Have professional portraits taken of baby during throughout their ever-changing first year.

We’ve all heard the expression “time flies” and more than likely felt it to be true as a great vacation or weekend comes to an end but it’s never more true than when you have a baby. From the moment your child is born time seems to quicken. Perhaps it’s the lack of sleep, but more than likely it’s the visible growth of your infant that makes you keenly aware that time is passing by. It seems like you blink and all of a sudden your baby is 2 months old and yet you feel like you just got home from the hospital. Surely you’ve been taking tons of photos of your baby with your phone and perhaps with that high resolution digital camera you got of Christmas but are any of those photos worthy of becoming wall art to hang proudly in your home (or grandma’s) for years to come? If so, congratulations - that’s a lot to accomplish with a new baby. If not, have no fear, we are here to help. 

At Knighting Studios we love capturing the early stages of each new baby. Our Baby’s First Year Packages are designed with sleep deprived parents in mind. All you have to do is show up with your baby and some of those darling outfits you received at the shower and we will do the rest. The shoots are spaced out at least 3 months apart so baby can transition into the next phase of development and begin to do different poses.  

Milestone’s in Development that allow for unique poses. 

Newborns can’t hold up their head on their own, sleep most of the time and have little control over their facial expressions. Infants are very small and can fit into the hands and arms of parents only for a short period of time. A 3 month old can smile at will and hold their head up but still need extra support to sit up on their own. They are still small enough to fit inside baskets and various props. By 6 months they are very expressive, hold and teethe most objects, crawl all over the place and are starting to stand up while holding onto things for support. Now they can take more independent photos. From 9 months to one year they may be able to walk on their own, they much more in control of their bodies and have distinct personalty. This is a great time to do a family photo. 

Do you have an empty wall in your home just waiting for a canvas print of baby? Take a photo of the room and of the wall where you would like the new work of art to go and we can make sure the shoot is color coordinated to match your decor. Complementary colors usually work best and we can convert any photo to black and white if you are going for a more artistic or classic look.  Unsure what colors would go best? Ask Kellie Sherrill our resident photographer. She not only takes fantastic pictures but she has a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design and is excellent at choosing color palettes. Please browse our Baby’s First Year Gallery to get an idea of what backgrounds and props are available.

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