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How To Light A Cyc Wall

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We did a lot of research before deciding what light to buy to light our cyclorama or cove wall. What we found was there wasn't a ton of information out there and what we ultimately bought needing future research and modifications to make it function as it should. Here's what we had, what we bought and how we modified it to light our cyc wall evenly from floor to ceiling and side to side.

Subject: 20' wide x 11' tall Cyc Wall

Type of Lights: Altman Sky Cyc 3 Section Border Light 4500 Watt Maximum

Accessories: 3 Sheets of Tough Spun

If the dozens of cooking shows that are currently on the air have taught us anything, it's that dinners made from scratch – preferably with "fresh, local ingredients" – taste better than processed foods. Going on years of experience, we can tell you that the very same principle applies to your website.

Far too many business websites go online with stock photography images cooked into the batter. Like pre-made spice mixes, stock photos are easy to find and use, but just like those cheap substitutes in the grocery aisle, they don't give you the full depth of flavor, or in this case marketing effect, that custom photos shot in a real studio do.

custom photography

If you are thinking that custom photography takes too much time or is too far in excess of your budget, we understand. Many business owners and managers tend to think that way, at least until they work with the right studio, but before we get to any of that, let's look at something more important – five reasons it's always worth it to invest in custom photography for a new website:

1. Custom photography gives you a better match with the rest of your site. When you have perfect, high-res custom photos that are ready to use, you don't have to worry about finding stock images that fit your website's theme, colors and size requirements.

2. With custom photos, your website doesn't look like everyone else's. When you use stock images, there is always the chance that one of your competitors will choose the same photo. Even if they don't, most stock photos have a "mass-produced" feel that makes lots of websites seem more similar than they should.

3. Stock photos tend to stick out, regardless of the ones you choose. Because of their generic nature, many stock photos seem out of place on actual websites. The last thing you want is customers being distracted by visuals that are supposed to support your message.

4. Custom images help you showcase your team, location and products. When you have a professional photographer shoot your team, office building, products, etc., you greatly enhance their attractiveness to buyers. Your business will come across as more established, organized and successful; building this sort of credibility is especially crucial with new customers.

5. Your custom photographs can be repurposed later. Those great-looking photos you got from your custom shoot can be used again later in marketing materials, social profiles and elsewhere. That extra mileage can turn into big value in the long run.

As we mentioned before, the best way to take the time, hassle and expense out of custom photography is by working with the right studio. You won't believe how easy it can be to get the custom web photos you need!

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Cyc walls are great for pet photography

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Pet's are always unpredictable and while that's part of their charm, taking photos of pets can be even more unpredictable. That's why we like the cyclorama photo studio for pet photography. Every angle is a viable shot. You can take shots from above for a funny big head image or get down on their level for a larger than life portrait. No matter what the angle or the lighting set up pets are great for cycloramas. There are no dirty baseboards to remove or backgrounds to retouch. You can even have the owner jump in the shot.

Amature photographers and enthusiasts are always to rent our studio. If you love photography and you love your pet, give us a call at 310-780-1462.

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Product Photography at Knightling Studios

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Mo's Bags is one of our favorite clients to do product photography for. Mo's Bags are so bright and colorful that they contrast off the white background well and catch the light just right.

For the Yoga Totes and Cinched Back Packs and Baby Bags we filled them to give them some shape and weight and hung them across our black background pole. We lit the back cyc wall well so that the background was pure white.

For the Reversible Clutches we simply shot them on the curve of the cyc wall floor. The bright white matte floor worked well and the clutches really popped. The trick was to remember if we shot it in all 8 positions for each.

Mo's Bags gallery and Testimonial.

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Children's Photo Studio for Sports Photography

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Capturing your child's achievements and hobbies is an opportunity that once missed is gone forever. They will only be that cute and small once. To preserve those memories bring your little ones in their uniforms and gear to Knightling Studios for a fun once in a lifetime photo shoot. These photos look great on Holiday cards too!

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If you're a professional photographer, you'll probably eventually get the advice to improve your productivity while decreasing your expenses by building a studio at home. But, does it really make sense to spend a lot of money transforming your garage or guest bedroom rather than renting studio time?

The answer to that question is going to depend a lot on the photography studio you work with, of course, but in our experience working with dozens of professionals, the answer is almost always "no." Here are seven reasons that the right rental photography studio space is better than having your own work area at home:

1. You'll spend less. Because you only pay for a photography studio when you need it, you'll usually end up spending less than you would renovating part of your home.