Baby Photography – Ages and Stages

If you’ve exhausted yourself taking pictures of your baby on your phone or digital camera, you will probably know it’s an endless task. Babies exhibit a range of emotions in their expressions and being able to capture all of them as they grow is something you don’t want to miss. But as a new parent, you’ll soon discover you may not have the time to take all the right pictures you want to yourself.

At Knightling Photo Studio in Azusa, we help you capture these moments in all their candor and set the stage to put your little one in the spotlight for more iconic ones too. There are four phases when we want to capture babies at their best.


Newborn PhotographerNewborn Baby PhotographerNewborn  - under 1 month

Newborn portraits are a great way to chronicle your baby’s arrival and share them with family and friends.

While it may seem like it’s a bit early to bring them in, we highly recommend you do this as early as when your baby is 10-14 days old. More so if you want to capture them curling up in any way possible – on their belly and sides.



Newborn photographerOnce they are outside the womb, it’s not long before babies adjust to all their new found space and give up on curling up. It’s also a great time to do some mommy and baby pictures and more with dad and older siblings. Mom or Dad holding baby in front of their chest is a precious image you can only get when they are first born.




Belly Babies – 1-3 months

After the first month your little one is not going to be as sleepy or as likely to want to be swaddled. They are just figuring out their arms and legs and like to spread out as much as possible. Their necks are still pretty weak and they usually can't hold their head up yet or if they can it's not for long. You will want to capture them this small and precious before they try to gain their independence. We have soft cushions and bean bags to prop them up on as well as a variety of buckets to fit them snuggly into. The buckets are adorable in the scene setter backgrounds like our wood floor and damask wallpaper. 


Infant PhotographerDon't forget the details. Details shots of hands and feet are oh so cute and have a time honored place in the baby book. These shots are especially hard to achieve on your own. Let us help pose you and the baby and use the right lens to focus on what's important and blur the rest. 




baby photographerThe Rolling Over Stage – 3-6 months

When your baby is at this stage, you’ll love the new expressions of surprise and joy on them. They are also discovering their limbs and learning to reach and roll over and push themselves up. You’ll love to capture the smiles and giggles with their expressions and antics. 


3 month old baby photographerWe love to add some props to the pictures at this stage – in fact, if you have a favorite outfit for the little one, bring it along. Our mirror shot is frequently requested. We have lots of scene setters and backdrops to choose from.




Sitting Up and Crawling – 6-9 monthsMinion baby photo shoot

By now your little one wants to get a move on. They’ve learned to sit up and many of them begin to crawl too. During this session, we capture their activities at this stage – the curious look on their face when they see or hear something new, exploring new toys, or simply attempting to reach for their favorite objects. 


toddler photographerIt’s also the best time to record some of their earliest favorites, so bring along their favorite blanket, toy, or stuffed animal. Bring overalls and yellow shirt for an< adorable minion madness photo if you are in the mood for something funny. The bear lineup shot is perfect for this age before they are too excited to sit down. 




Toddler PhotographerFirst Birthday baby photographyUp and About – 9-12 months

Time flies! By now, most babies are on their feet – with or without support. It’s also when they enjoy the outdoors the most. The exploration seems endless for them and we think it’s the perfect time to get some wonderful shots of them dress up, standing tall and showing off their new moves.

Have they reached their first Birthday? Let’s do a cake smash photo! We have a petite cake plater that is perfect for a jumbo cupcake baby can have all to herself complete with a number one candle on top (un-lit of course). We love to capture the wide-eyed thrill of tasting sugar (perhaps for the first time)!



Book your next shoot before they grow! Oops too late, they just grew another inch. :) 

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